Austin Hyler Day is a photographer based out of Des Moines and is a life-long Iowan. He grew up in rural Iowa, and had his photographical beginnings in playing with his father’s SLR cameras as a child. His rural origins have led to a love of nature, having grown up fishing, hunting, and living in a place where he was constantly in contact with the natural world. Although he lives in the city now, he still enjoys spending time outside of the city by pursuing his love of fly-fishing and photography.

Austin’s collegiate education earned him a degree in Biology from the University of Iowa, but after getting his first camera at the age of 21, photography soon became an integral part of his life. After studying photography formally, Austin began to establish a clientele in Iowa, and has since shot weddings in Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, Ohio and Florida. Other clients include DMACC, Locally Grown Clothing Company, Back Country Outfitters, Des Moines University, Kum & Go, Chiri Hand Knits and The Downtown Church.

Austin’s interest in and enjoyment of the natural world have manifested themselves in a distinctive style that is evident in his photography. From childhood, he has had a desire to express the beauty he found in nature. In his work now, he is always in pursuit of natural light and creates timeless, natural images as a result. He uses minimal editing and always aims to take photographs that portray his subjects as they are.

For Austin, establishing a genuine rapport and relationship with his clients is the most important aspect of being a photographer. Beyond gaining an understanding of what his clients want in their photographs, he enjoys getting to know them on a personal level. Austin is the definition of approachable, and puts the people around him at ease. He wants his clients to have fun, enjoy his company, and as a result receive pictures that capture their most memorable moments and experiences